1 in 6 Americans acknowledge CURRENT cannabis use, and 70% think it should be legal.

by Marijuana Staff

The most recent Gallop polls on the subject of Marijuana have the number of Americans who acknowledge currently smoking marijuana is now sitting at 17%, which is more than double that first asked in 2013 (7%).

Americans who report smoking Marijuana, 2013 to 2023.

The splits across subgroups break down like this;

Americans who report smoking Marijuana, by subgroup.

The number of Americans who ever happened to try marijuana has also risen, with the current figure currently sitting at 50%.

Americans who report trying Marijuana, 1969 to 2023.

The poll result for the question framed around support for the legal use of Marijuana is now sitting at 70%. This represents a massive shift in the past six decades from 12% to 70%.

American's support for Marijuana. 1969 to 2023.
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