Featured asx potstocks

A handy guide to Australian potstocks.

by Marijuana Staff

I'm often asked to give an opinion on a particular cannabis related stock and all I ever tell people is that I have no position in any Australian potstocks.

I'm not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing, it's just a fact.

So anyway, it is always pain trying to find/remember all of them, so I've made a listicle to make it easy for everyone. Here's your current list of Australian listed potstocks.

Click the stock code and you'll be taken to the ASX page with all the current information, release etc. Click the name and you'll be taken to the company's homepage.

AC8 - AusCann Suspended
AGH - Althea Currently trading
AVE - Avecho Currently trading
BOD - BOD Science Suspended
BOT - Botanix Pharma Currently trading
CAN - Cann Group Currently trading
CGB - Cann Global Suspended
ECS - ECS Botanics Currently trading
EMD - Emyria (prev Emerald) Currently trading
EOF - EcoFibre Currently trading
EPN - Epsilon (prev. THC) Suspended
EVE - Eve Health Currently trading
EXL - Elixinol Wellness Currently trading
HGV - Hygrovest (prev MMJ) Currently trading
IDT - IDT Australia Currently trading
IRX - InhaleRx Currently trading
JTL - Jayex Currently trading
LGP - Little Green Pharma Currently trading
MDC - Medlab Clinical Suspended
MXC - MGC Pharma Currently trading
NTI - Neurotech International Currently trading
RGI - ROTO-GRO International Suspended
ROO - Roots Sustainable Suspended
VIT - Vitura Health (prev. CAU) Currently trading
ZLD - Zelira Therapeutics Currently trading

All correct as at 2:00 PM AEST Feb 9. 2024.

If you can think of any others that should be incl. hit me up on twitter.

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